CBD Funhouse Influencer Program

Now is the time to spread the news to your followers and make extra money by joining the CBD Funhouse team.

To support you in the partnership with us, CBD Funhouse will offer you everything you need to start earning as much money as possible.

1.General support
Support provided by our CBF FH Influencers Group

2. Official product pictures
Professional pictures of all our products

3. Brand and product information
Blog content, general information about CBD and our products.

4.Discount on products
At the beginning we will offer you the products and a 20% discount if you want to order extra .
Compensation for your incredible work with CBD Funhouse includes:
Compensația pentru colaborarea voastră incredibilă alături de CBD Funhouse include:

-10% commission on all sales - after the first 2 months we will offer 15% commission on our oils and 10% on the rest of the products.

-coupon with your own unique code.

-10% discount coupon with a unique code that you offer to your followers.