The abbreviation “CBD” comes from Cannabidiol. It is extracted from the hemp plant and it became the most important cannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant. We have to highlight the fact that compared to THC (tertrahidrocannabidiol), CBD doesn’t have psihoactive effects on the brain.

CBD helps in maintaining different psychological processes, interacting with the neurological and immune system receptors. Furthermore, the body itself produces cannabinoids as function of the Endocannabinoid System.




Who are we? is the online store specialized in oils and products from cannabidiol and organic hemp. The CBD Funhouse team brings a new concept to Romania, developed with help from the experience and knowledge gained over 10 years of practice in the cannabis industry in Spain. în cei 10 ani de practica în industria canabisului în Spania.

CBD Funhouse is the best source of CBD products, especially the oils. With our office in Bucharest, our team is the most dedicated as we want to give you high quality CBD products.

When you buy CBD oil from us, you can be sure that you receive products that you can fully trust. All our products are tested by third-party laboratories so you can purchase CBD oil that is completely safe for consumption.




Our mission

Our mission is to offer alternatives by giving you the option of high quality CBD oil usage. We try our best to inform you about the benefits of the Cannabidiol extract, with the purpose of giving you the best premium products from the industry and the most trusted ones on the Romanian market.




Why choose CBD Funhouse?

For many people, the healing process of any kind of pain is assured by medication with no medical prescription as well as the prescripted ones, which can offer a stronger long-term improvement. Meanwhile, all these options come with some risks. The people who are taking uprescripted medication have been affected by different side effects.

There is no surprise that many people have been looking for a healthier alternative for treating different types of pain. CBD Funhouse offers you the healthier option through our products and oils.