In 2018, HEMPHILIA creates a new concept of organic natural cosmetics, based on the surprising scientific efficiency and extraordinary ecological sustainability of Cannabis Sativa and its derivatives.

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Cbd extended relief cream 30 ml

lei 125,00
Ideal to relieve nuisances of various kinds. It contains pure CBD and organic hemp oil. Specifically designed to absorb slowly, it keeps the active ingredients on the skin for a long time; it is therefore perfect to assist the relief of chronic and medium/long-term ailments, traumas and discomforts.  

Hemp & CBD hand cream - 50 ml

lei 40,00
Easy and quick to absorb, protects hands from dryness and redness. CBD and Cannabis Sativa oil are particularly effective at helping treating skin rashes, inflammation, itching and general dryness.  
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Hemp & cbd face firming anti-age night cream - 45 ml

lei 125,00
Actively regenerates the skin thanks to organic Hemp oil, CBD and Rosa Mosqueta oil. Strengthens the mechanical capabilities of the skin by restructuring its fibrillary network, giving the face a fascinating leap back in appearance. The mix of completely natural functional active ingredients helps restore the fullness of life’s vital force that time tends to fade. It assists the production of good quality functional pro-collagen fibroblasts, stimulating the skin to show its best shine.  

Hemp cleansing and toning facial lotion - 125 ml

lei 75,00
Besides cleansing delicately, thanks to organic Aloe and Lavender hydrolat, it also acts as a toner, preparing and optimising complexion to better absorb the active principles of face cream or serum.  

Hemp & Cbd anti-age face and eye lift serum - 20 ml

lei 95,00
Instantly redefine the skin of the face. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Thanks to specific active ingredients, it fills wrinkles from the inside, plumping the skin with water, stretching and smoothing the epidermis. Suitable also for the so-called “crow’s feet” wrinkles. It is a real quick-effect natural lifting.  

Hemp & cbd anti-aging compacting face cream - 45 ml

lei 100,00
CBD and organic Hemp oil helps restore the skin’s natural elasticity and compactness, while also promoting general well-being. It helps cellular renewal and actively fights the main signs of aging. Face will appear more radiant, fresh and youthful.  

Hemp & CBD ultra-rich face moisture serum - 20 ml

lei 110,00
Thanks to Hemp, CBD, beta-glucan carboxylate and hyaluronic acid, with very low molecular weight, it is a portentous shock treatment for dry, normal and delicate skin.
CBD sapun de maini si corp

Hemp liquid hand-body soap - 300 ml

lei 55,00
Very gentle detergent suitable for hands and the whole body. Cannabis Sativa oil protects the skin making it soft and supple. Pure natural essential oils ensure perfect hygiene with an extraordinary all-natural scent.  

Sport gel quick relief booster - 30 ml

lei 110,00
Designed to be absorbed quickly, it is especially useful for relieving muscle discomfort after the stress resulting from sports or fatigue, and after traumas.

Restorative Bath & Shower gel with Hemp & CBD - 200 ml

lei 60,00
Especially gentle on the skin, it softly cleanses to help restore the skin’s correct hydrolipidic film.  

ECO-SPRAY hemp deodorant 100 ml

lei 50,00
Refreshes for a long time, giving the body a pleasant natural scent. Gentle on the skin, it acts directly on the body odour exploiting the incomparable effectiveness of the organic essential oils of Palmarosa, Tea Tree and pure natural Lavender. Iceland Moss helps regulate sweating, and organic Hemp oil helps reduce the emission of unpleasant body odours.  

Gentle face scrub with hemp and sapphire sugar - 50 ml

lei 70,00
The delicacy of natural superfine sugar, mixed with organic Hemp oil, makes this sweet peeling very soft and specific for sensitive areas such as face, leaving it silky and smooth.