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CBD Funhouse offers you a natural alternative to the traditional medicinal products, by presenting you a range of oils based on cannabidiol and organic hemp, beneficial to health, specially designed for the Romanian market. Read more Your premium health partner
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  • Full-spectrum products
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Did you know?

Not all CBD oil is the same

The ones that had limited experiences when it comes to the usage of CBD oil might wonder where to start from or how to find a good product. First of all, you have to know that the cannabis and hemp plants are both CBD oil sources. There are more types and formulas on the market, which usually fits in one of the following categories:
1. Full-spectrum - which consists of full spectrum of CBD, minor cannabinoids, terpenes derived from cannabis and a small percentage of THC.
2. Broad-Spectrum - which consists of full spectrum of CBD, minor cannabinoids, terpenes derived from cannabis but NO THC.
3. CBD isolate - Pure CBD isolate that remains as a crystalline powder of cannabidiol.

The cannabis can be extracted from hemp and marijuana

New Layer There is a lot of contradictory information about CBD. A common myth is that CBD can be extracted from a single type of cannabis. CBD is actually found in hemp plants as well as in the marijuana plant. Having that said, marijuana is naturally more consistent in THC and contains less CBD. CBD dominates the chemical profile of the hemp plant, having a very low concentration of THC. Why is this information so valuable? Hemp plants that are high in CBD concentration are the perfect source for the extraction of cannabinoids. The hemp stems grow much faster than the marijuana ones, need less care and creates a more ecological product. An interesting fact is that all types of hemp have the same amount of CBD. The stems used for CBD oil production have higher levels of CBD compared to the ones that are used for the fibers. This doesn’t mean you cannot produce Cannabidiol oil from marijuana.
Slide Nowadays, it is easier to find foods and types of drinks that contain CBD. Some restaurants offer their clients the option of having edibles that contain Cannabidiol as part of their order. CBD can be incorporated in some cocktails, types of gummies and candies.
For healthy individuals, introducing CBD oil in their diet means supporting the endocannabinoid system, the main self-regulation system. The balanced properties of CBD combined with the nutritional content of the MCT oil derived from CBD products can help to know that your body receives all it needs to function at maximum capacity

CBD can be added in edibles

Hemp, seeds and oils have been extracted and used for more than 10.000 years. This was one of the first domestic plants that was used to make clothes, ropes, paper and footwear. Meanwhile, the seeds and oils were used in foods or used as medicine for treating different conditions.

First medical use of hemp plants was in 2700 B.C.

Slide CBD is CBD regardless of its source. Some cannabis users mistakenly believe that CBD in hemp is somehow weaker than CBD in marijuana. The truth is that CBD in hemp is the same as CBD in marijuana at the molecular level.
According to Franjo Groten, a member of the International Association of Cannabinoid Drugs, our body does not care where CBD comes from.
Vitamin C is a good analogy. Your body absorbs it through an orange or parsley, but at the molecular level, this is the same vitamin C.
It is true that the volume of CBD in hemp depending on dry weight is lower than the CBD level in some selectively grown marijuana plants, but once the oil is extracted, the difference is not so great.

Your body doesn't care where CBD comes from

Slide There is a lot of conflicting information about CBD. A common myth is that CBD can be extracted from a single type of cannabis. In fact, CBD is found in both hemp and marijuana.
However, marijuana is naturally richer in THC and contains less CBD. In hemp, CBD dominates the chemical profile of the plant, and THC appears only in small amounts.
Why is this information about CBD so important among many others? The higher CBD concentrations of hemp make it a perfect source for CBD extraction. Hemp stems also grow much faster than marijuana, require less care and create a more conscious and environmentally friendly CBD product.
However, not all varieties of hemp contain the same amounts of CBD. Stems used to produce CBD oil usually contain significantly higher levels of CBD than plants used for fiber.
This does not mean that you cannot produce CBD oil from marijuana.
Cannabis can be extracted from hemp and marijuana
Slide CBD can help on treating arthritis, convulsions and other heatlh issues dogs can develop. CBD oil can support the immune system of dogs, breathing and smell as well. More research necessary to determine how efficient CBD can pe dor cats, dogs and other animals, but the existent proof shows that can be a treasure for your little friend.
CBD is safe and therapeutic for dogs
Slide Cannabis has been spread in the Middle East long time ago. Paraoh Ramses the second, who ruled the Ancient Egypt between 1279 - 1213 B.C. urged his people to take cannabis as medicine.

The Egyptians created the topical use of cannabis
The Egyptians used Cannabis to improve the general pain as well as treating pain during labor. Likewise, Egiptians used this remedy to heal eye problems, cataract and hemorrhoids.
Slide Nowadays, CBD is considered to be a regulatory component; it’s been used forever. A remarkable example leads us to the XIX century to Queen Victoria which ruled England between 1837-1901.
Different scientific proof and anecdotes suggest that the efficiency of CBD as good sedative for chronic pain, muscular pain, wounds and injuries. The Queen seemed to know about this remedy and its benefits, and used it herself for menstrual cramps.
Royal families used CBD


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